Friday, 24 June 2011

More Triumphs from Triangles

I can't resist the calmness that comes from light blue and cream in combo. I like to think that whoever gets this shawl will feel that, too. After all, that is the idea behind the shawl ministry.

Cynthia's take on the triangles is inspired by her own talents as a quilt maker. She picked a pattern from her calendar of 365 patchwork patterns for this shawl--large and comfy and bright. One of the things I am consistently and delightfully reminded is how the same idea can take such different shapes in the hands of different crafters.
With Cynthia's shawl as backdrop, here are two grafters in a familiar pose--sewing up! Much as we love the end result and the kaleidoscope of possibilities with triangles, the sad hard fact is that sewing up is hard work. Cynthia spent every evening for a fortnight sewing up her lovely triangles. A job well done but oh the hard work! Double thanks to all those who have been kind enough and patient enough to take on the sewing up. The photo below does not do justice to the truly eye-popping safety reflector yellow of the triangles, but the colour captured the fancy of the two young artists, so I love to think that we offer something for everyone!
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