Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Volunteering Takes You Places

OK, just a teaser here, as they say in US. You know I extol the emotional and social benefits of volunteering. Knitting and doing community work does take you to wonderful places within the church halls, but now it will be taking me abroad.

So I have talked about Northern Loops in Norway and America and our calendars have reached New Zealand and Australia, but this time I will be going to Estonia.

Just a teaser for now.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

More Pockets and Some Spring Surprises

I did not photograph the lovely pocket purse-lets that were Patreen's latest contribution to the what you can do with triangles library. Once again her creativity made me smile as much as the pockets themselves. And that's the idea. A bit of cheer with wool and a button or two. Amazing.

I have been doing the not-as-fun work of meetings and organisations and such, but if we want NL to keep itself going and to grow and realise the mission, then we gotta do the organisational things.

Things coming up to watch out for-- our anniversary celebration on Knit in Public Day with a Tea Mosey--more about that to come.