Tuesday, 14 June 2011

From the Precinct to the Ambulance Service

Last year we launched Northern Loops with a giveaway of little knitted flower corsages and an event in Caithness Horizons on Knit in Public Day. This year we celebrated as part of a project completion day in Castlehill Heritage Centre.

The high point of the day and the best part of the anniversary for me was handing over the blankets we have done for Project Linus. Valerie Barker, the local coordinator, did not want her photo taken, and since the blankets are the real stars, here's a photo of them all lined up and ready to go.

Val was very pleased with each of them and the number of them (Thank you all, busy knitters!). The next step for these blankets will be to get an individual photo of each and then they will go to work with the local ambulance service. If I hear about them (and I probably will up here where the connections run deep), I'll give them star billing here on the blog again. Until then, I am back at my needles and looking forward to Northern Loops Dunnet's shawl project.
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