Friday, 10 June 2011

Knit in Public Day June 11

If the weather holds--always a big IF up here, we'll be celebrating Knit in Public Day tomorrow in this lovely garden at Castlehill Heritage Centre.

Wherever you find yourself tomorrow, I hope you have your needles with you and can make a stitch or two to the revolution.

What makes knitting revolutionary?

As Gandhi knew, having control of one's basic needs is a foundation for freedom. I don't remember the whole story behind the spinning wheel on the Indian flag, but I remember that he used it as a symbol of personal and cultural independence.

Knitting is about accepting a traditional craft and making it your own. If matinee jackets for bairns are your thing, then do it. If you are goth or into vampires, then check out how you can use knitting to express yourself. (

One woman who coordinates the local Blythswood shoebox appeal collects dozens of scarves and beanie hats--someone makes those and puts in with every stitch warm wishes--both the wool and the wishes are surely most welcome to those on the receiving end of the shoeboxes.

Right here in Caithness, our hand knit blankets will be going tomorrow to Project Linus where they will make a welcome addition to the local ambulance service and a child in distress.

Knitting has been used in the past and still is today as a vital source of income.

Knitting breaks down barriers of class and age.

These are some of the ways I know that knitting is revolutionary.

So wherever you are tomorrow, be a part of the revolution and celebrate Knit in Public Day!

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