Thursday, 7 July 2011

Triangle Shawls Coming to NiteKirk

The completed triangle shawls (thanks to all of you for your wonderful efforts!) will be on display tomorrow night at Dunnet Church for the NiteKirk celebration--a kind of open house for a church.

I hope lots of people come by to see the shawls while enjoying the rest of the open house-er church. There will be music, munchies, and an opportunity to enjoy a little time and space outside our everyday humdrum world.

I wrote the above lines hastily yesterday and the computer--sensing my hurry--refused to post it, so I can update it with the news of great success. We had nine shawls spread out on the back of one of the old wooden pews. The colourful shawls were even more beautiful against the dark wood background in the candlelight of the church. Each one was so wonderfully different. Now we have labels to do so the shawls can begin their lives as part of the shawl ministry here in Caithness. The central churches will be in charge of giving them out.

And we also recruited another knitter. Since my car is a travelling cabinet of wool and needles, as soon as she expressed interest, I was able to kindle the spark into a flame of good intentions.
Now after just a little breather, I'll pick up my needles again and start another shawl and finish a blanket for Project Linus.

Tomorrow, I'll share some news about the blankets for Project Linus.

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