Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas- Mindin' My Own Knittin'

"Therefore, as we grow older, let us be more thankful that the circle of our Christmas assocations and of the lessons that they bring, expands! Let us welcome every one of them, and summon them to take their places by the Christmas hearth."
----Charles Dickens

While I summon my Christmas associations to my hearth, I will be tending to my own knitting--a variation on the things we said as children--"mind your own beeswax" was a particular favourite at some time for some obscure reason. At any rate, I look forward to a week or so of pulling out my own knit projects. I have a pair of socks for me and an unfinished shawl and all the wool and a pattern set aside for --a jumper, was it? I look forward to digging into those projects--if you stop by this blog, send me a note to let me know what you are working on. I'll make a note of tips and tricks.

Northern Loops picks up again in January. Thank you to all the wonderful folks who made this year possible.

Meanwhile, Merry Christmas and happy knitting!

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