Thursday, 2 December 2010

Northern Loops End of Term Lunch Celebration

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Seven of us braved the snowy, icy roads to get together at Castletown Hotel for what Olive called an end of term celebration. I am insanely amused by Christmas Crackers ("What do you call an American drawing?" --"A Yankee Doodle") and any excuse for chocolate is welcome.

Although only 7 of us were able to attend, nonetheless folks from throughout the project were there. Angela and Margaret were part of the original application. Heather is part of the Edinburgh Three who went to Edinburgh to make the final pitch for funding. Olive was recruited from the pensioner lunch at Castletown Hotel and she has not slowed down since I first met her. It would embarrass her to single her out for too much attention, but let's just say that the majority of the blankets are hers.

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