Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Knit in Public Day in Action

This is the kind of attention we got on the precinct. Lots of people collecting and stopping by. Looking back on it now, the success of Northern Loops is inherent in the generosity of folks who say,"Well, I can't be there all day, but I can come by and I can come knit some flowers for you."

Thanks to all the lovely people in and out of this photo who knitted flowers and shared their time, creativity, and good humour to make the day a success.

Especially thanks to Louise who said as long as we had the Education Room in Caithness Horizons reserved for rain, we should have display --and then the magic words, "and I'll do it..."

And she did.

She collected examples of knitting from craftswomen around the county, labelled them, displayed them, and set up a continuously running computer display of knitting, charity knitting, and celebrity knitting (Lady Gaga knits is one of my personal favourites.)

Inside it was easier to settle into some one on one teaching. One young woman learned to knit, purl, increase, decrease and cast on and off all within about an hour and a half. As a little girl she had watched her grandmother, but she had never picked up a pair of needles before. She was an especially apt pupil, but I learned also just how talented her teacher was.

Louise even took up knitting for the day--under the tutelage of her mother, an incredible needlewoman.

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