Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Double Rainbow Luck

Giving a gift puts me in mind of this double rainbow. The gift, hopefully, brings pleasure to the person receiving it, which, in turn, is gratifying to the giver. I was reminded of this double pleasure when a Loopster emailed to say that one of her original designs for a prayer stole for a friend of hers had been well received. I then got to be triple pleased--for him, for her, and for myself. Being on the receiving end of such good news is a gift, too.

That design created with concern and affection for her friend will become a Northern Loops pattern and we will all benefit from it. With the wind howling outside and another gale forecast with snow behind it, I need all the rainbows I can get today!

Weather permitting, the Thurso group of NL will meet in United Reformed Church tomorrow (Thursday) and we'll all have news to share as we look forward to a new year together.
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