Tuesday, 24 May 2011

From Triangles to Artwork

Thanks to all those who made triangles for us we now have plenty of material for shawls for the community outreach from Dunnet Kirk. Especially thanks to one especially dedicated member of Northern Loops with very fast hands who made more than a hundred triangles, each with the care and concern we want to integrate into our shawls. Her dedication was so intense that when she recently went into hospital, I took wool and needles to her and she kept up with her triangles.

Now sadly she has lost her husband and while she does the sad hard job of picking up the pieces of her life, we gratefully pick up the work she has given us and hold her in our thoughts until she feels able to come back to us. She and her husband are very private people, so I respect their privacy and acknowledge our debt to her and our support in this time as discreetly as possible.

Tomorrow I'll collect 2 shawls made from triangles by two of our most talented knitters-artists. It seems a good tribute to the efforts of our trianglers and a tangible reminder of what the shawls are meant to be. So-called women's work has always been at the heart of transitions such as births, deaths, weddings, funerals, sickness, christenings, confirmations, or comfort from the cold. These triangle-shawls to be given anonymously to folks who may need an extra dose of comfort typify women's work and the heart of Northern Loops.

One women made a hundred or more triangles; another made fewer than a dozen but each and every triangle and each and every stitch has been indispensable. What we do--however large or small--is an essential part of something larger.

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