Thursday, 3 February 2011

We Came, We Met, We Knit!

It wasn't easy to find the Dunnet Church Hall--even though I had been there before, and the weather earlier in the day had been somewhere between dire and just gloomy. But a handful of us got to the hall (Thanks to the person who came early and turned the heat on!)

Without too much faffing we settled into knitting in a more or less structured way. From the outside it may have looked a bit chaotic--piles of miscellaneous wool in the centre of the table, a noisy ball winder on one corner turning the coned wool into balls (If you are not a knitter, just take it from me that is progress.)

And balls become triangles and the triangles will become a shawl. We talked so much between and among ourselves that we hardly wanted to stop for coffee and tea and biscuits. And so in its own way, the group and the projects come together. I think a knit group is probably as close as I'll ever get to finding those elves that came in the night and made the shoes for the hard working cobbler.

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